Rascal Flatts


Trailer Trash has made 6 custom pedalboards for Mega-Platinum Super Group Rascal Flatts for use in the studio and live touring.

Bassist Jay DeMarcus and Guitarist Joe Don Rooney both use Double Wide "Rock-Star Trash" pedalboards on tour. Both boast Royal-Blue "Glow-Tops" Custom Glow-Top-controls this rack-designed and built by T-Trash Pedalboards.

This board was custom built for Jay DeMarcus Bassist-Rascal Flatts Both of these rigs toured with Rascal Flatts on the Kenny Chesney tour (summer '04) and then on their huge headline tour through the end of '04.

Both of these rigs performed at 100% with no break-downs. They were rained on, shined on, pushed up ramps, transported in semi-trucks from show to show, etc... This was a great test for this kind of fragile gear and wiring, and it passed. Thank you Rascal Flatts for trusting in Trailer Trash Pedalboards.

The "Glow-Tops" were on stage w/ Rascal Flatts on their CMT live special filmed in Atlanta Fall '04. Joe Don also has a "Vintage Honey." Notice the Pete Cornish G-2 - another T-Trash recommendation.

"Trailer Trash Pedalboards are "built tough" no doubt about it... I was playing a show in Chicago and clearly remember standing on my pedalboard during a solo and looked down and realized "man, I'm standing on my pedalboard playing this solo and this thing isn't even giving the slightest inch," needless to say I didn't step off it till the last note was played... man, you gotta love that."
– Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts